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Meet Nectar

The Nectar Family

Nectar is an online retailer and a brick and mortar boutique with two locations and growing! We specialize in fresh & fashionable women's clothing at a sweet price.

From a Seed to a Sapling

Nectar - HazelThe Nectar journey began with a risk taken by one couple, Tricia & David Kelly. Tricia was a full-time college student and bartender, David was a computer repair expert and safety inspector extraordinaire, and their 5-year-old daughter was dragging them both to LA every week for her blossoming modeling career. When a building owner took a chance and finally gave the young couple a lease agreement, a little designer jean boutique was planted and they called it denM. The store opened in 2005, filling a small 700 square-foot space in an old historic building in Redlands, California. Dave made denM his full-time job, and Tricia worked each Sunday while studying behind the register.

Within one year, denM grew out of the quaint historic nest it started in, and into a new 2,200 square-foot space nearby. denM started hosting art shows, inviting indie rock bands to play in the store, and really digging into the entire culture of fashion. In 2007, The Kelly’s blossomed into a family of four. Tricia finally quit her bartending job, graduated college and joined Dave's side to run this flourishing venture.

Nectar's First Store

denM started to see less growth in the designer jean market due to our changing economy. They decided to bring in more affordable name brands and only sell designer denim with competitive price points. The subtle change was a hit with customers, which pondered the question, "What if we opened a store full of designer inspired fashion with affordable prices?" In  2008, The Kelly’s turned their idea into another business venture. Thus Nectar was born.

The store almost immediately took off, and was giving it’s sister store and neighbor denM a run for its money. They thrive off one another, getting busier with every new season. In 2010, Nectar opened a new location in another historic downtown area in Claremont, CA. In 2013, Nectar's third store sprouted in the charming little City of Orange, CA. Redlands, Claremont and Orange are all quaint college towns, known for their historic charm.


A Sprouting Family Tree

In 2011 the company decided the next move would be to sell online. Extending Nectar fashion nationally, and eventually globally with The growth of the Nectar Family continues, and the Kelly’s plan to open a new store each year.

The company has grown from 3 employees in 2008, to over 20 employees today. Nectar models itself after higher priced shopping destinations like Anthropologie, and buys price sensitive fashion inspired by brands like Free People. The Nectar buyer’s keen fashion sense and industry knowledge is what helps this company find products that can compliment anyone’s wardrobe. Most importantly, over 80% of those products are made in America, and Nectar hopes to move to 100% American made in the near future.


Grown in the USA

Nectar in the USAAmericana style is where our heart lies in this struggling economy. Nectar has always prided itself on finding domestically made, yet affordable products. There is a stigma surrounding low cost fashion which makes people think the only way to be fashionably affordable is to don clothes with labels that read “imported.” We are here to change that common view and show our customers that quality and affordable prices can coexist! Although not all of our products are made domestically, we are moving to be a positive force in this American economy by promoting our products that are made here in the states.



What's in a name?

Nectar defines hometown and organically grown. We desired a name that describes where we are from and what we sell. Come in and buy something that feels fresh when you wear it, yet conservative on your wallet. Redlands is where our family is, and where this brand has grown from a seed to a sapling. The city is best known for its historic charm and orange groves, and Nectar is the sweetness nestled between our home and this charming town.


What inspires Nectar?

Making the old new again inspires us. Our displays and furniture are mostly antique or unique vintage pieces that we give a second life to by restoring and revamping each object to squeeze the functionality out of it. We realize that sustainability is a must for the future in our great country and strive to do what we can to make a difference.

We are inspired by the changing seasons of fashion. Once a new season is upon us, we let nature’s inspirational colors and settings spark our fashion ideas.

We are inspired by individuality and uniqueness unmatched by others. Our employees drive the most inspiration with their quirky fashion ideas, and definitive personalities. They are world travelers, but more so, they are instinctive discoverers of this great World. They partake in eclectic festivals, outdoor adventures, birth right expeditions to foreign lands, and spontaneous weekend trips that make for rather entertaining stories! They are truly inspiring individuals, and we have a front row seat to their ever changing fashion endeavors.


The Sweet Life Of a Nectarine

Nectar is a family above all else. We are a union that inspires, supports, and works together to better this company and ourselves. We support our communities, and each employee in the educational path they have chosen.

Our employees are devoted to fashion, some more than others, and they are laden with personal strength! We have photographers, designers, stylists, writers, social workers, teachers, caterers, artists…you name it, we got it. We have the dream team.


What's Up With The Product?

Our product mix has been fine tuned with our years of experience in this industry. We are devoted to brands that manufacturer the best quality available at a low price. We carry affordable products that are produced in an environment where quality is a priority.

We know our market! We have studied it, and we have built strong relationships with our brands so we are allowed the first chance at buying the newest product. We get it first, we get it fast, and we sell it all! Hopefully soon, we can cater to the men’s world of affordable fashion.

We attend all the major trade shows and market weeks to order product and get inspired by all the top name designers, as well as the up and coming brands. Being active in the fashion world has proved to be imperative on buying the best fashion for our stores and hooking our customers up with the selection they could have before only dreamed about.